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3-Day Boot Camp
  • 3-Day Boot Camp

    This class can take a person with zero experience or an established tinter and make them more efficient, organized and profitable. You will learn how to cut, apply and shrink window film on every style window along with years of time saving tricks.

      This is what you will learn in our Three-Day Automotive Film Class. We have highlighted all of the hands-on learning elements as we feel this aspect is crucial to your long-term success.


    • Three-Day Boot Camp Curriculum

      Boot Camp Course DAY 1

      • Differences in Window Films
      • Tint Composition
      • Heat Rejection
      • Film Coloring
      • Different Shades of Film
      • Window Tint Laws
      • Tools and Their Uses
      • Film Roll Sizes and When to Use Them
      • Film Mounting, Cleaning and Removal Solutions
      • Identifying the Correct Prep, Cutting & Installation Processes
      • How to Handle Film
      • Film Layout to Minimize Waste; How to Use Scraps
      • Hands-on: Removing window film– the different techniques
      • Hands-on: Cutting roll-up door windows

      Boot Camp Course DAY 2

      • Hands-on: Review and cut more roll-up door windows
      • Hands-on: Heat shrinking roll-up door windows
      • Hands-on: Proper roll-up door window cleaning
      • Hands-on: Applying tint on roll-up doors
      • Proper Clean Up
      • Back Glass-Shrinking techniques
      • Hands-on: Shrinking back glass
      • Hands-on: Back glass film installation

      Boot Camp Course DAY 3

      • Hands-on: Cutting out quarter windows
      • Hands-on: Applying tint to quarter windows
      • Hands-on: Cutting front visor strips
      • Hands-on: Applying front visor strips
      • Hands-on: Cutting van and SUV windows
      • Hands-on: Applying tint to van and SUV windows
      • Hands-on: Cutting truck windows with gaskets
      • Hands-on: Applying tint to truck windows with gaskets
      • Hands-on: Cutting truck sliding glass windows
      • Hands-on: Applying truck sliding glass windows
      • Recap & Certification
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